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Speech Therapy

Welcome to Palm Tree Speech Therapy

Enhancing speech, language and literacy. 


Palm Tree Speech Therapy therapists treat speech and language disorders and work with individuals between 2 and 22 years of age.  We evaluate and treat a wide variety of speech and language issues including articulation delays, stuttering, developmental delays, reading, writing, and spelling difficulties, and speech and language concerns.

Our Mission

Our mission at Palm Tree Speech Therapy is to provide exemplary, evidence-based speech and language services to children of all ages. We specialize in family-centered care in the evaluation and treatment of pediatric speech and language disorders.  Services may be provided in-home, office, virtually, and in school and daycare settings.  Additionally, we offer contract services to local private and charter schools. 


Services Include:

  • Screenings and Consultations

  • Comprehensive speech and language evaluations

  • Speech and Language therapy to address articulation (speech sound disorders), receptive and expressive language, pragmatics (social skills), fluency (stuttering), and literacy support.  

Child In Speech Therapy

Stacking Blocks

Is your child...

  • Not talking at all or enough?

  • Having trouble speaking clearly or saying certain sounds?

  • Struggling to express his/her ideas?

  • Struggling to understand words or sentences?

  • Having difficulty in social interactions?

                                                                                    We can help!

Palm Tree Speech helps children to reach their full potential in the areas of speech production, language, pragmatics, literacy, and more!  Ready to get started?  Wondering if your child would benefit from speech-language therapy?  Fill out our contact form or call today to see how we can help!

Contact Us

1950 Rockledge Blvd STE 201B Rockledge, FL 32955

Phone:  321-291-4498

Fax:  321-541-9148

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